Nice of you to say so...

Working with Adrian helped us to cut through the 'noise' around a launch project and to really get to the nub of our ideas- he was able to articulate what we, as a creative team were at that point only able to think and feel. He helped us to set our strategy and then supported us with high quality written work for our website and other collateral. I recommend Adrian to people who are comfortable around straight talking, no nonsense, dry-humoured counsel, and who appreciate being intelligently challenged.
Caroline Jackson Levy
MD UBA Awards
Adrian is a wordsmith. He is also a strategist. He is also very funny. An astute copywriter with years of experience that means he cuts through the bullshit and gets to the point superfast. I also think he is nice guy. Although you may have to buy lunch.

Stephen Fox
MD & Owner, Fox, Kalomaski, Crossing
We have worked with Adrian on numerous occasions. You will have to go a long way to find someone with the kind of experience that Adrian brings to all projects. He is a top level talent and approaches every project with professionalism and good humour. We have won pitches with him, worked with him with different clients and he even worked on our own rebrand project. I would recommend hiring in a second!
Jonathan Brigden
Owner Knifedge Productions
Adrian has a facility with words that would leave Oscar Wilde speechless. From "Get busy with the fizzy Sodastream" to "Zanussi.The appliance of science", he is always able to nail a brand precisely with a pithy and uniquely memorable phrase, adding immense and lasting value that outlives many a brand manager.
Nigel Fishwick
Head of Schools & Nurseries Marketing and Business Improvement
Adrian is the consummate professional. Years of experience allow him to understand, dissect and deliver on the most complicated briefs. He's seen it all and done it all but his enthusiasm for writing, some appliance of science and a whole lot of creativity ensure he always finds that insightful golden nugget. I worked with him closely for several years and I'll happily join forces with him again.

Nick Evans
Senior Art Director, Freelance
I have a high regard for Adrian's writing skills, plus he makes every project fun!

Peta Miller FCSD
Owner Miller & Team
hired Adrian as a Writer/Editor in 2005, and hired Adrian more than once
I've worked with Adrian, off and on, for over 10 years now. He's a true craftsman, a genuine talent. Why?  Because he's an invaluable source of ideas and consistently delivers copy, in all media, that really works. You know that elusive triangle: good, fast and real value? Adrian is living proof that it can be achieved - time and time again.
Neil Scaife
Marketing Director, Caxton FX
I have worked with Adrian over a ridiculously long period and most recently with him making a major contribution on copy and concepts for our Volvo and Black Tower accounts. Apart from just being a true pro when it comes to writing, he has a unique skill in spotting a core thought and delivering it in a creative way. Of course, it also helps that he tends to get to a solution at warp speed.
Kevin Casey
MD The European Marketing Group
Adrian's copy is succinct, on message and always brilliant. He does exactly what it says on the tin.
James Ewart
Producer & Film Maker