Nothing to do with fruity conserves. JAMS is premier mediation and arbitration provider in the US. Today they settle cross-border disputes globally, without resorting to legislation. First and only time I’ve ever written for lawyers. They paid without argument.

Steering the best course towards resolving your dispute

For many, arbitration has lost its way. At JAMS International, our arbitration rules represent the best practices in the field and have been adopted by major corporates worldwide. Among our arbitrators are former judges and law firm partners, known for their geographic, sector and cultural knowledge. They are supported by dedicated and trained case managers. The result is a client-focused, problem free process. To keep your arbitration case on course, talk to Lorraine Brennan on +44 207 356 0851 or go to www.jamsinternational.com

Only pay for what you need

Choosing JAMS international is the cost efficient way to Arbitration. We are part of jams, the world’s leading ADR provider. JAMS services were evolved through responding to clients’ needs for over three decades, in hundreds of thousands of cases. Our International rules provide for ‘pay-as-you-go’ arbitration, which means your clients only pay for services rendered. Our experienced arbitrators are full-time dispute resolution professionals, experts in managing a highly efficient process. At JAMS international we make sure arbitration is not litigation by another name. To find out more, call Lorraine M. Brenan on 123 4567 or go to www.jamsinternational.com

Major cross-border disputes need a major cross-border dispute resolution specialist. JAMS International is the premier mediation and arbitration provider in the US which handled over 10,000 disputes in 36 countries last year. We operate in London through a growing network across Europe and provide a fast, cost-effective alternative to taking disputes to court. Our panelists have built their careers and reputations in specific market sectors and understand the intricacies of your field from years of first-hand experience. With the increased use of dispute resolution outside the courts, the case for JAMS International is indisputable. Find out more at www.jamsinternational.com

With access to over 300 panellists resolving disputes in nearly 40 countries, jams international understand the culture, customs and the law in the world’s major business centres. Our carefully selected mediators have the backing of JAMS, the world’s leading private mediation provider. They are supported by well-trained case managers, who ensure the process is problem-free. Last year alone, JAMS handled over 10,000 disputes worldwide. For intuitive dispute resolution solutions, talk to Matthew Ruston on +44 207 543 5868 or go to www.jamsinternational.com