Del Monte

It seems the man from Del Monte has been made redundant, traded in his white suit and opened a chip shop. So, those nice ex-Nestle people asked me to write some simple product ads for their long life juice concentrates, which showed off their new green packaging. Here are a couple of consumer ads and a trade press single page.

No-one knows fruit like Del Monte, that’s why no-one creates deliciously different fruit blends like we do. Each one is so together in every way, full of just-picked, sun-ripened fruit, as only Del Monte knows how.

Let nothing come between you and that just-picked taste of the world’s finest sun-ripened fruit. We capture it every time, in every glass of Del Monte fruit juice. Grown, sown and selected just for you, you can taste the passion and the difference - as only Del Monte knows how.

For over a century, Del Monte has sown, grown and selected the best – to bring home fruit that’s supreme when it comes to quality, goodness and that just- picked taste.

The secret to long life juice is that the finest fresh fruit makes the most delicious juice and at del Monte we are passionate about making ours the best.

To profit from our secret, share it with your customers by stocking up generously with our full range of juices in mouth watering new packs designed to be even more irresistible – as only Del Monte knows how.