Before I started working on their advertising and digital comms, I’d only ever seen the name Aon on Manchester United shirts. It turns out they’re nothing less than a major global provider of risk management, insurance and reassurance brokerage services. Not to mention being huge in HR and outsourcing services. What I like about them is that they respond to good ideas.

To make certain your company insurance is totally in step with the changing nature of your business, it pays to talk to Aon’s Cost Reduction and Risk Audit team. Covering all fundamental operating risks and potential exposures, the audit deals with everything from everyday insurance claims to pricing shortfalls, including financial, human capital and strategic scenarios. Not only will it ensure that you’re covered for every eventuality, but it could save you money on your premiums and general outgoings – as it does for some 80% of our clients. To make sure you’re well covered and add value to your bottom line, talk to us today.

So the figures look good, but what about the key figures behind them? Aon’s CIS team can help you avoid costly revelations later on. Our intelligence professionals have over 15 years’ investigative experience and provide ethical, in-depth due diligence on the people with whom you’ll be working. In investigating everything from education and reputation to operating histories, our team focuses on the truth, to help you make more informed decisions. To see what you’re missing, let Aon get a good look at your next management team or key senior hire.