Adrian Press - Copywriter, Scriptwriter, Creative Director

I was once asked what I did for a living by a legendary entrepreneur, now a peer of the realm. I told him I was a copywriter. He stared back at me blankly. Then a bent penny dropped. “Oh, a copyrighter” he said, “got it…copyrighting…so you’re involved in inventions and stuff, right?’

Well, your Lordship, you could say that, but they’re not of the ‘cat’s eye’ genre. Nevertheless, my inventions can often be illuminating, generally showing the way when it comes to getting the message across.

Today, labels you could stick on Adrian Press include seasoned copywriter, creative director, scriptwriter, storyteller, wordsmith and strategist. As such, I’ve worked for many major London agencies, including JWT, FCB, McCanns, Geers Gross, Publicis and M&C Saatchi on major brands, across all media, old and new.

I’m told I’m passable at writing straplines. Perhaps two of my most famous are ‘The Appliance of Science’ for Zanussi and ‘Get busy with the fizzy’ for Sodastream - both classics, both used for over two decades.

For many years now I’ve operated as a freelance copywriter, independent consultant and creative strategist, helping leading agencies, design groups, brand specialists and direct clients on all aspects of advertising, writing and thinking. It’s the best job I’ve never had. I write everything from press ads to web sites, brochures to back-of-pack, working above through and beyond the line, digitally, holistically, heroically – integrating with the best of them.

I’m also well-practiced at creating scripts for TV commercials, radio ads, DM, short films and corporate or event videos, not to mention directing sound sessions, penning lyrics, jingles and e-letters. In fact, I’ll write anything from shopping lists to barmitzvah speeches.

I’m also very experienced in helping to develop creative briefs and will brainstorm, generate names, invent games, even hold your hand while you extend your brand.

Adrian Press loves words and makes them work, by the day, by the project, by the deadline. If you’d like to know more, click Contact on the menu bar and let’s talk.