Corporate Video

Here’s a short but sweet collection of excerpts of some of the many corporate videos, training films and conference programmes I've written in recent years.


This award-winning training film (ICVA gold and silver) is aimed at pub and bar staff to teach them the six special steps involved in pouring the perfect pint of Guinness.

The VO was the late Dermot Morgan (Father Ted).
A 'business-to business’ trade video showing how Cisco Systems is gearing up to the next generation of mobile communication. Using kids as 'the voices of tomorrow' was a way of adding humanity to some fairly heavy content. It was shot in 4 languages.
'Predictions' is a conference opener for a gigantic 3 day event for Zurich Insurance. The topic of the day was the value of making predictions when selling savings and pensions policies.
4 Roses Bourbon is as old as 'them thar hills' - almost as legendary in the South as Jack Daniels. Aimed at the trade, the brief was to acknowledge the heritage, but move it on to identify it a credible spirit of today - as drunk in the sexiest of bars and clubs.
Four Roses-Bourbon
The brief for this hotel sales video demanded 'very British, very London'. So I started with the Leslie Phillips' VO.
Dore is a life transforming educational programme for those with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Asperger's Syndrome. I wrote their new website ( part of which involved creating two animation scripts explaining in simple terms, how and why Dore opens doors. Science made easy...