Some DM collateral for Volvo Trucks, created back when postage wasn’t so prohibitively priced. Postman’s sack must be so much lighter these days.

Remember, no other truck holds its value like a used Volvo truck. Whether you buy a SELECTED+ or SELECTED used Volvo truck, you’re investing in a vehicle which, with proper servicing and care from an authorized Volvo Dealer, will deliver optimum up-time, lower running costs and greater re-sale value when it’s time to trade-in.

The best way to protect your new investment is with a fixed-cost Volvo Repair and Maintenance contract, which will keep your running costs painless for the next few years, all with a single, affordable, budgeted payment each month. Even better, there’s a choice of financially secure, flexible contracts available designed to meet your varying operational needs precisely. Ask your Volvo trucks dealer for details.

The new Volvo FL is designed for fast , efficient service, in and out of dense urban traffic. Its brand new Volvo D7E Euro4 engine, at either 240 or 280hp, nips in and out of town cleanly, quietly and efficiently. Whatever the task - distribution, construction, manufacturing or municipal duties – the rigid models at 12,15 and 18 tonne, with their comfortable 2.1 m cab and stair-like entry, offer a compact and practical working environment. The driving position is excellent, with simple instrumentation and a wide range of window options for good all-round vision. With a full range of suspensions, wheelbases and power take-offs, there’s a new Volvo fl to suit you.