Qudos Energy

'Achieve more for less' is the strapline and promise I created for Qudos, very much a 21st century company that responds practically and ingeniously to all kinds of commercial, industrial and domestic needs for greener, cleaner energy solutions.


Here at Qudos Energy we believe that our cutting-edge range of renewable energy products and energy-saving systems could transform the way you run your business - as well as making your bottom line look much healthier.

It’s all about achieving more for less, with cleaner, greener solutions that will not only improve your carbon footprint and the quality of the environment, but also make far better commercial sense.

Employing the very latest 21st Century technology and methodology, Qudos helps you achieve new levels of energy efficiency and profitability.

As right as rain…

Surprisingly, only 3% of our planet’s water is fresh water. However, although a renewable resource, the world’s supply is steadily decreasing. With populations increasing and demand growing ever higher, we’re inevitably at the mercy of rising utility prices - which is why Qudos Energy creates a range of bespoke solutions to store and secure fresh water, whilst reducing costs.

As water companies continue to put up prices and mains water demand carries on rising, rainwater harvesting is an increasingly viable and popular solution. With growing consumer pressure on companies to reduce their environmental impact, Qudos is busy helping its clients install water harvesting systems, which will reduce spend and ensure a reliable source of cleaner greener fresh water - on tap.