Peta Miller is an experienced, elegant and energetic graphic designer with whom I’ve worked for many years as a copywriter and strategist. We’ve tackled lots of varied projects, producing websites, literature and advertising collateral for dentists, foreign exchange specialists, investment companies, recruitment agencies et al. So, when Peta asked me to write some words for her own Peta&friends shoe fetishist’s mailer, I was more than happy to oblige.


Whether it favours a slingback, brogue or flip flop, every company’s footprint is unique. For a perfect fit, Peta&friends’ first step is always to study how each new client walks the walk, before we consider how they should talk the talk, in both pictures and words.

All tied up?
When it’s time to decide on a company tone of voice, some people get tongue-tied.

Crystallising a company’s raison d’être in less than a handful of well-chosen words demands more incisive thinking and critical analysis.

Fortunately, this is where Peta&friends can help, we’ll hold your hand while you extend your brand, by developing a suitable narrative for your communications, according to target profiles, cultures and locations.

We'll even help you prepare a creative brief for the next stage. This practical and cathartic exercise gives both of us a point of reference throughout the creative and production process..

First steps
Is your logo a no-go? Then let us help you. A thoughtfully considered, well-designed
logo is always an essential element of an effective brand identity and the cornerstone
of good brand presentation.

Peta&friends prides itself on the range and quality of iconic logos we’ve created over the years for companies and organizations, both major and minor.

Visit and see for yourself.