Lutron is an American lighting technology company. Its founder, Joel Spira, was a former US space Program prodigy. He invented the first solid state dimmer in 1961. He’s been the industry’s guiding light ever since.

Here comes the sun
Beyond dimming, Lutron’s mastery of light begins with the rising sun and the  challenge of daylight. Lutron’s answer is the ultimate shading system to fully manage the penetration and intensity of light into interior spaces.

Lutron’s Sivioia QED(quiet electric drive) gives total control of daylight. It offers smooth, near silent movement of roller shades, roman shades and slim profile curtain tracks.


Where there’s light there’s Lutron
From the Statue of Liberty to the Bank of China, Lutron’s experience and light control skills embrace some fantastic projects worldwide.

It’s been the first choice for architectural landmarks , important theatres , retail emporia and national treasures across the globe,not to mention the homes of architects , interior designers, Hollywood royalty , Knights of the Realm and the occasional Sultan.