Asian Awards

Interesting exercise, this sales brochure launched the first Asian Awards event in 2010. It was aimed at the Indian. Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi community to celebrate Asian achievement in Britain. It culminated in a grand awards night at The Grosvenor Hotel, which I was delighted to attend and where I enjoyed some of the best Asian food ever.

Asian excellence is a fact of life. With tenacity and endeavour, year after year, Asians demonstrate their considerable talents, ingenuity, entrepreneurial flair and good citizenship at every opportunity – with obvious and significant success.

From business to the arts, technology to politics, sports to public service, Asian achievement impacts positively and beneficially on all of our lives, across many disciplines and throughout the world.

THE ASIAN AWARDS were borne of a determination to create an annual iconic event that recognises and celebrates excellence with excellence. An event that emphasises what can be achieved in life and highlights inspirational role models for our present and future generations.