I wrote this prestigious Highland whisky brochure for an ancient single malt brand called Aberfeldy, produced, so the copy says, right in the heart of Scotland. I also gave them a press campaign – all without tasting the wee-est of drams (tight lot).

Naturally balanced, balanced naturally
Everything about Aberfeldy Single Malt whisky reflects its sense of place, right at the heart of Scotland. Here, the balance of Nature is unquestionably in its favour, bringing together the products of a unique landscape and its gift of the finest, natural ingredients. Since 1898, the Aberfeldy Distillery has been perfectly placed to deliver its much-awarded single malt, thanks to the skill of its whisky makers and the quality of its elements – the pure, fresh waters of The Pitilie Burn, the abundant local peat and malting barley, not forgetting the clean, crisp Perthshire air. All naturally balanced to create a whisky borne of time, place, craft and creation.